Advisees & Collaborators

  • Nico Adams, Graduate Student, Astronomy - Galaxy Zoo
  • Anjana Telidevara, Graduate Student, Astronomy - VERITAS
  • Kameswara Mantha, Postdoctoral Associate, Galaxy Evolution & Zooniverse
  • Ramana Sankar, Postdoctoral Associate, Jupiter Atmosphere & Zooniverse

  • Erik Ostlund, Zooniverse Web Developer
  • Suhail Alnahari, Zooniverse Data Scientist

Former Researchers and Students

Former Postdocs:

  • Astrophysics:
    • Hugh Dickinson (now Open University, UK)
    • Jonathan Dumm (now Oskar Klein Fellow, Stockholm University)
    • Jeffrey Grube (now Faculty, Stevens Institute of Technology)
    • Niklas Karlsson (now financial industry, Sweden)
    • Tommy Nelson (now Research Faculty, University of Pittsburgh)
    • Cameron Rulten (now at University of Durham, UK)
    • Kyle Willett (now at Amazon)
    • Patrick Wilcox (now Physics Instructor, St Cloud State University)
  • Zooniverse:
    • Marco Perale (now Digital Humanities, Marie Curie Fellowship, Oxford University)
    • James Brusuelas (now Digital Humanities, Oxford University)
    • Darryl Wright (now applying machine learning on medical imagery, Mayo Clinic)

Former Graduate Students:

  • Melanie Galloway (Physics- Galaxy Zoo)
  • Karlen Shahinyan (Astronomy - VERITAS)
  • Julie Vievering (Physics - VERITAS)